Here's the first Out fit made with no pattern

well here is the halter top and skirt I made for my little one. The top I just took a granny triangle and double crocheted and added shells around it and for the skirt I used two granny triangles and joined them and alternated sc's and dc's and then for the last dc at the top I chained I think 250 and weaved that through for a drawstring. I just got to get a pic of Lucy in it now.

After dyeing

This it after dyeing it only the middle yarn dyed I kind of did that on purpose. I love the way it turned out. Now I hope it will go back to the size it was before I dyed it for if it doesn't then Lucy will not be able to fit it. Posted by Picasa

Halter before dyeing

okay here is the summber brights halter I got the pattern from mammachelle. This it before dyeing. Posted by Picasa
I wanted to have this or another pic of a Fairy as my template but I have no idea how to do it. I even read the links ppl gave me and still can't do it. If anyone who reads this know how to help me get this as my background please let me know. Posted by Picasa

Happy Hooker Corset Belts

I made a belt for me and my little one cute huh? I am going to make more of these as well as lengthen it and make us some skirts too. Posted by Picasa

I got this at Value Village

I need to go to second hand shops more often lol. Posted by Picasa

First Post yay!

Whoa my first post on my first ever blog. Well welcome to my blog and I will be adding pics and things to this blog in the future.