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Day of loose, almost.

not cool, etc. But in a good mood.
Reveil, I feel bad, a turn of the eye, making the bento, I call my in-laws for Sumire they drive, they are just a few minutes by bike and I have moved. Sumire
I prepared, I'm going on principle 40 and the person, Jii-jii sense is coming, he is almost 50, I remember, and it's baa-chan will remember you telling me after being down, uh, Jii-chan disappeared in the meanders of nowhere.
Note for later, preparing me even then, was left to fall apart in the street but what heck, I bear not to wait or depend on others, I want to be sure things. Sumire
arrives on time every day, it is good not arrived late because I myself am leaving the bottom-9h-9h05, and Yen still arriving, but not rely on others, greuhhhhhh.

Then, the mouse, not even one month, the wheel falls off, it wanders in, I tried to open o______0 impossible, but it still works more the dial. Shuya
will oblige me to stop buying crap for the previous term was hardly over.

I'll get Sumire, like everyday bento, kids can stay and play, are already quasi person, 8 kids, 2 girls, lack of bowl the 2nd girl being the girlfriend of Sumire, we stay. Puree
AC caiiiiiillllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee I hanging around for an hour.
After shopping, it's going, we go, I put everything away, but not the time to finish, Sumire flips its chocolate, T________T
Yen everywhere, I finished a 4 legged sponge and also to raise the foot of the table, I not well, of course, and I'm always cold.
I finished all the same to store everything and then, finally, I can ask.
Girls squabble, Sumire Iris vexed and tired of chocolate.
I'll try to sell at least one story having a bit of calm.

By cons, good news this morning, UPS mail, parcels party, puree, quick, especially in addition to the galley to order, I almost have my order canceled, T_____T
Well yes, but payment delivery to Japan with French visa, I paid with my little on and then my visa.
Then I was asked to call, o______0
not even dream, I answered the mail, saying that death should be ca something automatic 5mns after reply.
Oh, I moved my passport or ID and you wonder just the coordinates of my bank, google is my friend, 5mns after I provide my address ca more French and Japanese, embellish everything.
And I receive an email shortly after checkout, I won, yesssssssssssss.
I'm using because both are heavy for this kind of stuff.
But no super nice and fast and we'll say they do their job really well.

And then hey, I'm the queen of my princesses while asking for more.
Yesterday I received the first part of my command, draapssssssss, * o *, yes, because Shuya ever wanted to buy, so it is a miracle, I fought but I have conquered for them.
And mostly clothes, a trompe l'oeil sweater, I say this because collar, jewelry hooks at neck, button the jacket just to decorate,
^ ^ I put it and will see me, oh puree, for first time in years I am well, I lost weight but I put the same stuff too wide, it checks out but am not the shape of the figure, no apparent bulges, but not a harmonious silhouette.
The girls rushed to me and told me that Mom was a model, * o *
are cabbage, I had three tons of compliments.
After I tried the dress style Babacool, suspenders has rosette smokee chest and then separated by flying lace.
Ecru with pink flower and purple, I already find it beautiful, but I do not know if AC will be top, try, already super long, it happens at the ankles.
And no, I do not Hyppo fits me well, and I also love yam, plus I got a pink vest that goes really well with.
I'm really happy, and everything fits me well and most girls are proud of their mom. Shuya
When I came back and showed him rebelotte he loves and told me to buy more stuff, I'm just ecstatic.

You know when you are sick and lots of things you often change, finding a human face and feel pretty ca no money and above all seen in the eyes of those who love you, but happiness.
And besides, after it Shuya brought me a catalog and a Yen in balances and despair, my desk that I ordered Sunday it is selling off almost 50% kouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
And I thank God because I asked for delivery on the 29th, we hasten to cancel and fingers crossed for it to be accepted.
This morning, as Shuya me and told me that it's good.
I recommend this evening and with the difference, I'll buy a sweater, Shuya wants clothes and I'll be able to buy the bed linen that Shuya and wanted a house with strawberries for Sumire.
Then it's nice, everything is balance and we need all this, it is not superfluous.
Sumire Shuya and have no covers and I have no pull and I'm cold.

Yesterday I also received my mini cakes, large sizes are 2, 1 cm and rikiki few milli, mashed potatoes are too cute.
It cost me quite expensive but above the gallery, people were fighting I had overbid for 2 or 3 hours, o______0
I'm not disappointed, too beauuuuuuuuuu.

No photos because pc shui, but it will happen ^ ^

And then thank you to everyone who answered me to see the Fashion Doll Festival is March 13. I exploded my
the record comments on FB,
lol but it's super fun to have been so many responses and faster.
gonna have, think dates, spin me your availability for BJD rally or just to pass the house.

Good weekend.

***** *****