2nd Annual "Must Love Knitting" Weekend

This past weekend, my sister and I went to my Aunt Linda's house for our second annual Knitting weekend. We had such fun last year and we couldn't wait to go back. Since we've chosen the MLK holiday weekend to have our getaways, we've given a second meaning to the initials..... Must Love Knitting Weekend.

On Saturday, after having delicious beef and veggie soup for lunch, we went to visit my Grandma at the nursing home. She was having a good day and seemed to enjoy our visit. I was glad to get to see her.

Saturday afternoon was the Steelers first playoff game and they were playing the Ravens. I was so relieved that Linda and Katie didn't mind watching the game. I'm a huge Steelers fan and it doesn't get better then a playoff game against a big rival while having home-field advantage!

We got ready for the game. I brought along t-shirts, terrible towels, and my Troy Polamalu action figure. I did knit during the game but only between plays.

Aunt Linda even knit something in yellow and requested a black puppy just for the Steelers game. Wait, she just happened to be knitting Grandma a yellow blanket and Guiding Eyes picked out the puppy for her? Nah, I think it was fate!

My Troy Palomalu action figure sat on the couch behind us so he could see the game. Katie topped his head with a mini hat she knit for a Christmas ornament. It was a bit big but it had to fit over his helmet and all of that hair. During half-time we made pizza. Katie brought the supplies and the pizzas were GREAT! The pizzas must have been good luck because the Steelers played great football in the second half and won the game! Yay! Go Steelers!

Sunday was a great, relaxing day. We knit and watched the Food Network in the morning. Aunt Linda set up a great "Knitgating" spread of food for lunch. Linda's friends, Joanne and Debbie, came over to knit.

Joanne, Debbie, and Aunt Linda all cleaned out their stashes. I can't believe how generous they were. Katie and I took home amazing yarn. I've been going to sleep thinking about yarn and waking up dreaming of the yarn and what I can make with it.
Below is the yarn that came home with me!! I still can't believe it. We feel like the luckiest girls in the world!!!

We got to play with Linda's puppy, Joe. She is a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes. Hopefully one day Joe will be a seeing eye dog.

It was cute to watch him play with this empty soda bottle. It kept him busy for quite a while.

We also got to visit with our Aunt Theresa, Deb, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Joe. It was great to see them all.

It was a fantastic weekend full of family, friends, knitting, and relaxing. It doesn't get much better!