Ponoka Alberta 1955?

On Jan. 24 I was at my usual knitting group. A new lady had joined our group the previous Monday and her name was Lois (that's all we knew that day)
This Monday she sat beside me again (coincidence?)..we were chatting and we mentioned being raised in small towns on the prairies and she mentioned that she was raised in Ponoka Alberta... I nearly choked...I asked her "Are you Lois Evans?" and she was as shocked as I was..oh yes, it was Lois Evans. We went to school together from Grade 5-8.....then my family moved to Saskatchewan.
We've since been busy reconnecting with others in our school pictures.
Found Doug Wessel in Duncan, BC...lives about 7K from my daughter's place...
This world of ours is getting smaller and smaller....
If anyone reading this blog recognizes someone else...please let me know!
in the bottom picture..Lois is in the very centre of middle row(checkered skirt with vest) and I am second from the right in the middle row. Grade 6 in Ponoka, Alberta.
The 'friendship stick' was made in Gr. 5 when Lois and I were at a Girl Guide Camp...see her name carved in at the top right...(Yes, I do save things!)