Two patterns I got to test: Pretty in Pink and Bella Flora

This one is called 'Pretty in Pink' Halter but of course it is in purple. This took harldy any time at all and was a pretty easy pattern to follow.
Here is my youngest god daughter with it on. I don't know why I thought it wouldn't fit her lol I forget how tiny she is.
And here is the back of the halter. I loved making this halter, I may make her more in different colors. Thanks hmcquigg a.k.a. Heidi for letting me test this top.
Here is the second pattern I got to test. It is called 'Bella Flora' and it just so happens that the baby who is getting this dress is named Isabella and her family calles her Bella, what a coincidence lol. This dress is made with Sugar n Cream and this is the first time I ever crocheted anything with cotton yarn. I sewed the middle of the flower on the dress as well as the petals so it won't shrivel after it get's washed. It turned out great and I will be using more cotton yarn in the future.
Here is the back of it with the buttons. Had I made this in pink I would've had pink buttons but I have so much purple yarn and cotton yarn I felt this is a good way to use up this yarn. This was very quick and easy and I hope to test patterns again. Thanks for letting me test this Nikki it was fun and great. I had fun testing both of these patterns.

Lucys' set is done

Okay here is the full outfit I made for Lucy.
Here it is with the skirt up showing the shorts up underneath it.
And here she is with the outfit on and I love that the skirt is right to her knees.
Now here sheis showing just the skirt( and she has the cutest little belly button lol)
Now here she is showing what the shorts look like while she has the outfit on. The shorts I got the pattern from Michelles' blog, 'Momma Wear'. I just added elastic instead of a drawstring b/c Lucy is one to wait until the last minute to go potty so elastic is much better for her. The Halter top I got the pattern on Crochetville by a wonderful lady named Charlene. The pattern is called Summer Breeze Halter. The skirt is basically the same pattern as the halter so I can't claim it as my own. I am currently working on another outfit for her six year old sister except it will be in purple. They both can't wait until next week b/c I told them they can wear their outfits when I take them to see Shrek 3.

Here is another Baby girl set I done

This is my second set I've done. This set is going to my friend in Cali for her baby girl Isabella. This is the set from the Crotiques website. The booties is also from the same site and the pattern is called 'Sockies'. Instead of the cuffs I did a shell edging. The headband is a modified version of the ribbed flower headband pattern on there, but that is the normal flower used.