Progress so far on the baby ripple

Okay here is what I have so far on the round ripple for my friends baby in California.
Here is close up of the colors I have. They are in Red Heart Soft Baby in white, pink, bunny print for the variegated color, and purple. I love this RH baby yarn it is nice. I want to get more variegated colors of RH soft baby though. The pattern is from Colleen a.k.a Aggie May on the 'ville. So far it is only 18 rows. I will finish it once I am done with my two youngest god daughters easter dresses.

This Bratz goes camo....Pink Camo

Okay here is my Bratz Leah baby with her new outfit on a pink camo outfit.
Here it is without the jacket and notice the pocket on the fron of the skirt
Here she is styling with her sunglasses and her cute visor.
And here is the outfit without her in it. It's four pieces and the jacket, tank top, and skirt were all my pattern I did as I went along, but the visor I got the pattern off the DIY site. I stitched it closed in the back so you just slip it on her big head lol. I just love this color yarn it is so cute, and I have enough left over to make me and my god daughter something this summer.

Another new Bratz Big Babyz outfit & a jealous Brat

This is Katia and her new outfit. Notice it covers her up lol.
Leah walks by and sees this new outfit and now she wants one.
Leah then looks at me points at Katia and says,"I want a new outfit".
I told her she would have to wait so she got upset and turned her back on us. There is Katia looking at her and laughing so now I have another outfit to make lol.
This is Katias' outfit. It is a dress and a shrug that I made by just making a rectangle and measuring it as I went. The dress was just something I made up as I went along. It was a skirt but I added the top onto it to make it a one piece dress.

Afghan is now finished

Here is the top half of the blanket folded it was too big where I had it so I had to fold it.
Here is the bottom half of it folded it was kind of heavy too.
And here it is laid out in my small hallway it is a little longer then six feet and about 37 inches across. I wased and dreid it on air fluff and it so soft and it smells so good. Now I have to get it to my god daughter and once I get it there I will take pics of her with it.