Here is an angel for a Friend

Here she is before joining, her wings look like a butterfly to me.
Here she is after joining, she is on top my computer lol. The next one is her close up. This is a Angel I made for a really good friend of mine. She is going to put it in her prayer room once she gets it. Isn't she a cutie pie?

Here are two more things I made from Luv2 Crochet

here is the full skirt halter kind of big but it is size 3/4
the back of the sweater jacket which I meant to put it second
The front of the sweater jacket which I meant to put first one day I'll get it right lol. I put a tie on the front of it I still can't do buttons that well yet lol. I love how both of these projects turned out.

Here is the Summer Brights Halter

Well I meant make the top one the front but oh well it's okay. This what the top looks like on my little one. It's a pattern from Mommochelle's Luv 2 Crochet site but I will be doing more patterns by her.

Lucy in her outfit

okay this is her in the outfit that I made. The only thing I have to do is close it a little more on the sides but other then that it's perfect for her.