Squares for the Afghan I'm making Lucys' sister

Okay the two squares with the hearts came from a wonderful lady at Crochetville named Daisy. Her squares are so lovely. The variegated square came from another wonderful lady on the same site named Mary(salos) always loved this color yarn. The bottom two came from yet again another sweet lady on Crochetville who has the same name as my god daughter and that name is Lucy(MLLORF). I love the colors and I love the rings in the middle as well awesome squares.
Now of these twins sets of squares the top two came from a great lady named Sheri (scc51055) who is also a part of the 'ville. The bottom two came from another great lady on the 'ville by the name of Linda(Pineknott) awesome squares ladies.
Now all five of these squares came from the same Great lady who is also on the 'ville and her name is Christina(Shaelynnesmom) and I just adore these squares especially the square with the rose. I also love the color of the purple square in the middle it is a very pretty color.
This square was actually given to me by a good friend and her name is Tina. This square was given to me so I could make a multi colored afghan for myself but when I decided to make this afghan for Lucys' sister I decided to give this square to her. I'm going to join these squares and then maybe border them with either 6 or 8 inche squares around it.

Valentine Stuffies

I meant to post this on V-day but forgot to dump out my digicam. Well I made these for my god daughter Lucy and her siblings (4 sisters, 1 brother) hence the only blue one. They are heart pillows. I got the idea from a lady on Crochetville by the name of Chrome Kitty. Hers had arms and legs and they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The pattern was from here:
http://members.aol.com/JSchlossma/heartcst.html I took them to her house on v-day but just got around to posting this pic. Lucy wanted to keep her heart which of course is the purple one at my house but I told her it would be lonely without the other hearts and so she said to leave it at her house. I love how gullable children can be. Sometimes I can fool her other times I can't.

My Starghans for the twins are Done

Here are the Starghans for the twins that are due in May. They are for a lady at work whose son girlfriend is having twins. There is the girl one here for the the girl twin. Here is the boy starghan I made for the boy twin.
Here they are side by side along wth my foot lol. The straghans measure 42 inches from point to point and 36 1/2 inches from top point to valley I think they call it. I made them both with Red Heart worsted yarns and they were very heavy and rough when I got done with them. After I was finished I washed them on gentle and dried them on the air fluff cycle and they came out soft and lightweight. I used the worsted weight yarn b/c even though the twins will be here in May it is still kind of cold here in Indianapolis so they are kind of thick. The next one I make will be either an eight or twelve point and it will be made with baby yarn b/c it'll be going to California where it is mcuh warmer.

The Bratz Babyz gets some clothes

That's what the Bratz Babyz look like when you bring her home in the box. This is a baby doll she should have clothes on besides a one piece and socks. Then I decided she needed clothes on so here she is with her clothes on that I decided to make her. That's the first time I ever seen a Bratz baby covered up from head to toe. I will be making more outfits for her in the future and the other one I have well my gid daughter Lucy that is. I will make the other Bratz baby a gothic outfit as well as others. I also closed the back of the top with snaps but I may use velcro next time.