Look at what I made Yay!! And now she has a hat!!!

Here is the first outfit I made for a doll. It's basically all hdc's, and the straps are sc's. The bottom of the top is grannies and the bottom of the pants are two dc's in each stitch. The waist of the pants are dc's and a drawstring to keep them up. I'm now going to make and outfit for a Cabbage Patch doll since I know I can make doll clothes.

and here she is with her hat. I got the pattern from Christina's site the only difference was I didn't put the straps on it.

Gifts given to me by my Elf

These are two Fairies given to me by my Elf on Crochetville and also the postcard too. I love Fairies and I like to get postcards too. One of them, my elf said is a sprite waiting to get her wings so she is sitting there watching lol.

Two new things to add

Here is some yarn I got from my FGM on Crochetville I needed more of the purplie color the other I'm glad to get too. I am making an outfit out of the purple color and will post it as soon as I am done, thanx FGM!Also my good friend is on the road with her husband and she sent me a postcard to let me know she is still thinking about me yay, I love her lots, thanx so much Tina luv ya back.