I got my 13 yr old God daughters' jacket done

Here it is in pieces before I joined them and before I had to modify the pockets.
Here it is joined and the new pockets added as well as the buttons. I wish they had a purple button but they didn't.
Here is my god daughter with the jacket on. I can't believe I got a smile out of her lol she is the one who is the hardest to get a smile out of no matter what.
Here is the back of the jacket.
And here she is outside with it on which she insisted I take one more picture before I left. I used RH in Burgundy, Pumpkin, Bright Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, and I think the purple is called Plum. The pockets and trim was also RH in Mexicana. The original pattern I was following was in the Crochet Today! feb/mar '07 issue and the pattern is called 'Zippy Hoodie' only I didn't use the pockets they wanted b/c they would've been too big and I used buttons instead of a zipper. I still have yet to learn how to sew in zippers.

Lucy turned 4 on 4/22!!! don't pay attn. to her crazy hair

Here is my youngest god daughter on her 4th birthday. There she is attacking some of the gifts she got. Her clothes weren't up on the couch. There is my god son in the pic of course.
There is the My Little Pony that was hard to find no matter what I did. I didn't think that pony would be so hard to find lol but when she got it opened this huge smile spread across her face and she said to me, "You got me my pony momma dee, it's just what I wanted" so I know she loved it. Here she is dressed as a Fairy for her bday like she wanted. Last year she was dressed as a Princess for her b-day so this year she saw this outfit in the store and said she wanted to be a Fairy for her b-day so here is my Fairy girl and she is the cutest Fairy lol.
She changed for her cake time b/c she didn't want to ruin her Fairy outfit with cake. This was another outfit I had bought her.
When she took out her candles to lick off the icing she didn't give me one so this is what I did to her for not giving me a candle lol. All in all it was fun I had to wait for her to come home from church but we had a lot of fun yesterday. Now we have to get her pics of her sitting next to the number 4.


There is a new scrapbooking blog out that is a great idea for inspiration. It is called Aussie Scrapjacked - it focuses on an Aussie Scrapbooker every month and the idea is to get ideas and inspiration from that scrapbooker - create a LO based on her style and upload it to the blog. It is great for the times when the Mojo runs out or you have a scrapping block!!! Here is the link to the blog http://aussiescrapjack.blogspot.com/2007/04/erica-glover-you-have-been-scrapjacked.html
Well I decided to give it ago and see what I could come up with. The very first Aussie Scrapbooker to be scraped jacked is Erica Glover - she makes jacking her LOs so easy as she is a fantastic scrapper. I decided to not scrapjack the LO that the girls on the blog refered too, instead I found these two LOs of Ericas "One More Time" http://www.scrapboxx.com/forum/index.php?automodule=gallery&req=si&img=19602 and Line Lover http://www.scrapboxx.com/forum/index.php?automodule=gallery&req=si&img=12599 in the Scrapboxx website gallery http://scrapboxx.com/forum/index.php?act=module&module=gallery and have combined them to create the LO 1st Time Mum.
It is all about me at 7 months pregnant and what I think I will be like as a 1st time mum.
Wow only 2 months to go until this little bump is here. This is also my first real pregnancy LO and photo as until two weeks ago I wasn't showing - then all of a sudden over night POP!!! Out she came!.

Look at our new puppy

This is Chewy and he is 7 weeks old. He is a JRT( Jack Russell Terrier). We got him today from a breeder who works with my mom. When we brought him home we watched him to see what we were going to name him, well he started to chew on everything in his sight so we named him chewy. He is so tiny and cute that I have to hold him and spoil him.

My God daughters' Easter dresses are done

These dresses are called 'Angel Song' and they are from the Crochet Garden site. There are so many beautiful patterns on there it was hard for me to choose what dress pattern to use for their easter dresses. I also had alot of help from a very nice lady her name is Nadine and she is one of the testers for Crochet Garden.
This is a pic of the dresses with the petticoat underneth it. The petticoat is supposed to be longer then the dress but my goddaughters didn't want them that long so they are shorter then the dress.
The dresses turned out big on them Lucy is in the purple and Sierra is in the pink but they both said they like them that way so they can move around more. As you can see my god son whose name is Bernard(Bernie boy for short) wanted in on the pic as well.
Here they are spinning around they loved the way the dresses flared as they spun around. They spun around so much, they were making us dizzy. Once again there's my god son he loves to be in pictures. I used Caron Simply Soft for both dresses and a I hook for the purple dress and a K hook for the pink dress but my stitches were so loose they turned out big on them.

Doggy News

All is well with the three Mutts. Tiara has grown up in size fast - just wish her mentality would catch up - she has turned into a holy terror - she destroys everything that she can get her teeth into. We have had to puppy proof the house and the yard. It has made life interesting ..... well it is just getting us into practice for when the baby gets here. Here is one of the latest LO that I have done of the fur monsters all together. I don't take as many photo of them as I once did - I'll have to start taking more.
Nanook is nine this year - how time flies. It jsut seems like yesterday when I got him as a puppy.
Sharnii is her perfect refined self - she never does any wrong..... why couldn't Tiara take after her?

More Baby Stuff

Well we have picked out names for little miss bump - we even have boy names picked out too just in case! If she does come out a he - he will have a very pink room and lots of pink clothes to wear!!
Here are the latest scans. The first one is a front on facial scan - skeletal looking. I love the second one you can see alot of the features on her face - doesn't she look sweet. Looking at the scan it looks like she has a big black eye, the way she never sleeps that doesn't suprise me - some days I wish she would stop moving and get some rest.

Baby News

Well Adrian and I are expecting our first furless baby - yes a human baby! All is going well, according to all scans so far she is a little girl. She is fit and healthy and due in June. We have been busy getting the nursery ready for her arrival and it is almost ready, just a few finishing touches to do.

I will attach a few scans here for you all to see. It has uploaded from the last to the first - so in order from top down the scans are;
1. 3D facial scan taken on the 18 Jan - it shows the little girls facial features - she actuall looks like a baby in this scan.
2. A skeletal looking scan of the fron of her face, taken on the 18 Jan - looks alien like in this scan.
3. A side on view of a baby shape - taken on 25 Nov
4. A Jellybean shape - the first scan taken - you have to know what to look for in this scan - it jsut looks like a tiny blob to me!! Taken 9 Nov

New Kitty

Well Pixie drove Adrian and I mad with her running around meowing and missing Gizmo - not to mention that I was very, very upset too. So Adrian blurted out "Go and get another Kitty to help Pixie". Well I didn't need any further convincing and grab the local "For Sale" Newspaper and there was one advertised Registered Male Devon Kitty.
I rang the lady and he was still available - we went the very next day to have a look and he was beautiful. I didn't want another one that looked like Gizmo as it would have just remined me of him too much. The little boy we looked at is a Silver Tabby Devon - we brought him home that night. He is very cute, it has taken a little while for Pixie to like him - she knows he isn't Gizmo. So welcome into our home Gremlin.

Gizmo - Bad news first!

Where to start? Well my first little Devon Rex kitty Gizmo grew up way too fast. Here is a picture of him and Pixie - Gizmo is the white one. He was an inside cat with so much personality. He loved cuddles and kisses and snuggling. Anyway he escaped over the fence a few weekends ago and disapeared. I searched high and low for him. That afternoon whilst I was out hunting for him again the guy across the road approached me. He had collected Gizmo off the road - a blue car had run him over on purpose. I was a mess by the time I got home. At least I knew what had happened and now had his body to know that he just hadn't gone missing.
Pixie my second kitty was a mess too - she ran around the house going from door, to window, to looking everywhere for Gizmo. Meowing on the top of her little lungs. Pixie is the black kitty in the photo.

I promise to get better!!!

Okay I am just going to do a heap of post in a row to catch everyone up in what is happening right here - right now. Good news, bad news and me rambling on and on about nothing..... as usual. I'll try and up load photos as I go along so you can have a view in to my life.