Another baby set I made this time with a blanket

Okay I made this one for a coworkers' granddaughter's baby doll. The jacket is from Bev's site, the hat is also from her site the pattern is called, 'Teresa's 10 minute hats' and it takes on ten minutes. The booties are a pattern from a site called, 'Loving Hugs' the blanket is a rectangle granny square and the pattern came from a lady's blog called ErinLindsey's Pile of Yarn Granny Square pattern. Not only does she have the pattern but she also has pics which sometimes I would love to have both a pic and a pattern.
This is just a pic of the blanket I can't remember how long and wide it is but it would've made a nice baby blanket as well.

Two outfits I made to brighten a little girls' xmas

Okay this doll was once Lucys' but when I told her I was looking for a toy for a little girl for xmas, we both went thru her toys and she pulled out this doll and said that the little girl could have it for xmas. So of course I had to make a couple of outfits for it. This outfit I came up with on my own, ya know my own design the booties came from Abigail Goss' site called Crotiques(I think) and they are called 'sockies'. The hat is from Bev's site and the pattern is called 'Teresa's ten minute hat in which it did only take ten minutes to do. Here she is in her outfit and the back is closed in snaps which this was the first time doing snaps for me. It's not so bad doing snaps.
Here is the second outfit I made. The top I redid it with a pattern from a site called 'Angelcrafts' and the pattern is called 'Eyelet Shell Angel Top'. The pants I did myself I just added a big elastic band for the waist. The booties are once again from Abigail Goss's site the pattern is called 'Sockies'. The hat is a pattern from The Crochet Garden and the pattern is called, 'Tiny Blossoms Precious Preemie Hat' and it was very easy. The hat has ties for the child to tie the hat on the baby doll. I also gave the little girl who is 5 some crayons, a coloring book,the two outfits that came with the doll, a blanket for herself, A outfit I bought her from my job, and a nice bag to hold it all in. It was a Mudd bag I had that I used to use as Lucys' diaper bag so of course I kept it in great shape. I should be getting a thank you note from them and Ihope she liked her gifts.