My Little Pony Clothes I made much thanx to Christina

Here is the clothes I made for Lucy. The patterns are from Christina's site. I still have three more pieces to make for her pony. I may buy her more and make them all something.
If you noticed I have two Bratz Babyz dolls they stand about 4.5 inches high. I am trying to find a way to make clothes for them to cover them up b/c the clothes thayhave for them at the stores are kind of expensive so I rather make them instead. If anyone have and ideas let me know.

Matching Ponchos

Here are the ponchos I made for me and my little one to wear for our pics we're taking Here we are in one of the poses in our ponchos.

2 Baby Sets I Made

This one I made for a co-worker whose neice just had a baby girl on the 18th
This one I made for a co-worker whose grandson wife just had a baby girl in Aug. I got the pattern off of Bev's site, they are pretty easy to make once you get into the hang of making them.

Slack I know!!!!

It's only a new blog and already I am slacking off. I have just been so busy at work lately and by the time I get home I just don't have the energy to do anything - besides I have to fight for time on the computer. Adrian has turned into an e-bay junkie!!

An update;
I have made it through to the third stage of the Scrapboxx Design Team search - the challenge to go onto the next round is using one product in three different ways - I have a few ideas on how I am going to do this - but I am keeping it hush hush for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The LO that I entered for the second round is the one of Elana titled "Just Blooming".

I have done my LO for the Chooks Survivor Challenge - it is the one of Jasmine dressed up in her bridemaid's dress - Titled "There are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden" I had fun doing this one and am happy with how it has turned out. Although this scan doesn't do the colours any justice.

I am currently working on some Halloween LOs for the Scrappers Stash - where I am a Design Team Member. I have done this really funky LO of one of my new kitties "Gizmo" I can't upload it here just yet as it has to go onto the Scrappers Stash site first. Follow this link and you should be able to see it shortly.

Scrapboxx Search for a Design Member Comp

Well the wait is killing me - I have made it through round one, and not with one of my better LO, it's okay but I have done heaps better - now I am just waiting to see if I make it through to round two. I keep login in to see if there has been any updates - but no such luck yet.

For those who don't know Scrapboxx is looking for a new Design Team Member and they are running a competition of elmination through challenges. The first challenge was to make a Layout with a budget of $5 - it is harder than it sounds. There where heaps of great Layouts entered and 96 of us went through to the second round (Secretly I think that all that entered made it through to the second round). The second challenge was to design and use your own sketch for a LO. I actuall ended up loving how my sketch turned out - it is very adaptable - I have even used it a few times since to do a few LO. I am patting myself on the back for the sketch - now fingers crossed that those who are voting like it too.


I recieved a good news e-mail, telling me that one of my Layouts that I submitted to SM has been accepted. Now all i have to do is a material list, a hand hint, package it up and send it off to them. Wahoo - if the quality is what they are expecting it will get printed. I am so excited, it will be my first LO in a magazine. I have had one offer before but I decided not to submit it as I held it off for the A to Z ForKeeps competition instead - not that I won it. This is the layout here.

It was taken when I was in Darwin early this year - love going to Darwin for Winter - the weather is just right for me. It is a photo of me on Mindle Beach - taken whilst we where watching the sunset and eating yummy food from the markets.

National Walk to Work Day

As it is National Walk to Work Day the Navy here in WA are for the first time (I think ever) they are closing off the causeway and bridge onto Garden Island and you can actually walk across it. The road is going to be closed for an hour or so and the Navy is provinding a bus to take everyone off the island and then they all walk back. It is such a nice day today that it should be a great walk in the sun. Pitty I forgot the camera - it would have been greatto get some shots of the island from the top of the bridge.

Chook Scraps Survivor and more.

Have you heard about the Chook Scraps Survivor Challenge yet?? There are well over fifty scrappers taking part in it. It is based on the TV show Survivor - we have to vote people out after each round of entries - this could get quite scarey!!! You can find more information here;
Anyway the first challenge is a sketch challenge, I sat down last night to actually do some of it and all I got done was that I printed off the photos that I think I am going to use. . . . . well it's a start.
Jodi, Aidan and Joshua came over yesterday afternoon - Aidan saw the huge stuffed Dragon that I won at the Perth Show and he thought it was fantastic. It is about the same size as he is (Aidan is two) and is bright red. I am going to have to get some photos of the boys with it. Although Aidan didn't understand it was a Dragon - to him it is a "Din - o - sores". It should make a great Layout.
Well Nanook has finally settled down for the moment - poor boy he doesn't know what is going on - both Sharnii and little Tiara came into heat within a week of each other, so we have been playing musical dog - swapping them around here there and every where to keep them apart. Not to mention that Nanook had a trip to the vet in this time and had to get some lumps cut out of his "male lumps". Even though he has five or so stiches in a tender area - he still wants to use it!!!!!!
I have made some little pants for both Sharnii and Tiara to wear around inside the house - as you can imagine it can get a bit yucky with two girls on heat (it even gets gross with just one on heat!!). The girls do look cute in their little panties - maybe a photo is in order???
Tom - Adrian's father rang up last night. He was telling me about his house, after years and years of living in it he and Peta (Adrian's sister) have decided to do it up. They have had new screens put on, a new patio, new renavations done in the bathroom and toilet and new paint - but I don't think it is going to stop there - the kitchen is next. I don't think Adrian and I will recognise the house when we eventually get over to Queensland for a hoilday.
My Mum and Dad away from home again - this time they are in Townsville visiting my three very cute nieces - oh and my Brother and Sister-in-law too!!!! Michael (my brother) and Louise (my sister-in-law) took off to Cairns for a week with Jordan (the youngest girl) and Mum and Dad looked after Jasmine and Elana. I think they all enjoyed themselves.

First Layouts uploaded

Okay I did a CyberCrop on the weekend at Every Moment Matters here is the link to the site if you are interested.

I entered two of the challenges and even won one!!! Wahoo - can you guess which one I won with??? I won with Fairytales!!!!
The challenge was to use yellow and a keepsake. Well you can see that I used a yellow and pink colour combination and the keepsakes that I used was the frangipani - it was a napkin ring on the tables at the wedding, the smaller frangipanis on the cardboard where from the front of the wedding invitaions and the verse is the one that I wrote for the inside of the wedding invite.
The other challenge that I entered was a name challenge you had to do a Layout explaining a name and why it was chosen - I did a layout of Gizmo (my Devon Rex cat) and Tiara (my Alaskan Malamute) and in the journalling I explained why I had picked their names.



This is the latest fur baby to join our home. Her name is Tiara - she is currently seven month old a little bit older than here in her photo. She has already gotten a first in a Spitz Show in the Malamute Puppy Group. I am hoping she will do lots more.
Tiara is a good natured pup - she absolutely idolises her father - Nanook. Tiara is one of 13 pups born, unfortunatly only 12 lived - the smallest little boy got granted wings and meet the angels.
Tiara is a sable malamute and takes after her Mum - Sharnii in looks and her father in personality and nosie. Both Tiara and Nanook can howl the place down.

Do not be fooled by her cute and inocent look - she is a trouble maker and loves to cause havoc.

Just playing around

Okay I am uploading some more photos - just trying to get this blog to have a bit of personality about it and to give you an idea of me.
This photo is of Adrian and I take at our wedding - the photographer is Tanya Mayer and she did a wonderful job on all the photos.

First Ever Post

Well I always said that I would not "get into" this blogging thing - and look at me now!!! My first ever entry. This is a huge step for me as I am so computer challenged it isn't funny - but what the heck here I am.
I have or am in the process of setting up this blog as a place to keep in touch with family, friends and anyone else who stops by. It is my little spot where I will upload my latest scrapping layouts and share some antics (hopefully funny ones) and photos of my home zoo.
For those who are just getting to know me I'll tell you a little about myself - I am currently living in WA, have a darling husband - we are both in the Navy so we tend to travel around a lot. No kids - maybe one day. The zoo tends to keep us busy as it is. Currently we have three Malamutes Nanook, Sharnii and Tiara - I am a registered breeder so every now and then we have a lot more little pups running around the place. We have one Devon Rex cat called Gizmo and another on the way - she is currently with her breeder and we are waiting for her to get a bit older before she joins our zoo. Adrian is a keen bird lover so we have a backyard fully of rainbow lorikeets at last count we had 14 lorikeets and that isn't counting the babies!!!
Well that's it for my first posting - I am off to see if I can work out how to individualise this blog and make it more me!!

Well I have managed to work out how to upload photos - take a look at the first one - it is of my two fur babies, Nanook and Sharnii.