Another Outfit I got to test.

This outfit I got to test is called 'White Rose' and the nice young lady I got to test it for is named well her screen name is lolaness. I am now waiting for the baby I want to give it to to come over my god daughters' house again. She didn't come over last weekend due to them moving but I hope she'll be over this weekend. I'm itching to get pics of her in it at least to make sure I got her size right. Thank you lolaness for letting me test this outfit. The hat I got the pattern free from under free patterns. It's a mesh hat so even though it's hot she'll still be cool.

Beach Babe shorts I got to test YAY!!!

I was lucky enough to be able to test these shorts for Etaria. They are called Beach Babe shorts and the pattern is on Crochet Garden. The top pair is size 5 the bottom pair is size four.
Here are my two youngest god daughter's modeling these lovely shorts in which they look cute. Of course my god son had to get in the pic as well lol.
Here are the shorts from behind. I told Sierra who is six but a tiny six that when she wears these shorts do not wear yellow panties b/c you can see them lol. I should've tested the top b/c now I need a top to match. The yarn I used is Bernat Cottontots in Strawberry and Very Berry and a size H hook. This cotton yarn is awesome, I'm glad I was able to test them, thank you Etaria.

I Was RAOK'D!!!!

Okay I was not expecting a box two days ago, but there was a knock at the door and me and my puppy went to the door. I said who is it and the reply was Fed Ex. Well I wasn't expecting anything from them but I opened the door anyway and the guy handed me this big box. I thanked him and closed the door. Wondering what it was I was excited and so was my puppy Chewie, and as soon as I opened the box he jumped in it and started to dig:
I forgot that his breed Jack Russell Terriers were bred as hunting dogs so of course his first instinct was to dig. I had to pull him out so I could see what I got from my FGM who is in Alabama.
It's hard to see it but the card says: You've been RAOK'D! I was so happy I got 18 skeins of Caron Simply Soft and 7 skeins of Peaches n Cream. I love Caron SS I make alot of my god daughter's things out of it, it's so shiny and soft I love it. I just started crocheting with the Peaches n Cream cotton yarn and I love it so I have to buy more.
Here's a better picture without the card just look at all my yummy yarn I'm drooling just looking at the pics and looking at the yarn in my room*sounding like Homer* Yarn mmmmmmmm lol.
Of course my Chewie couldn't be left out so he had to get in the last pic which once again hewas trying to dig but once he got in there he noticed there was no where to dig so right after this shot he grabbed one of my Peache's n Cream skeins and tried to run with it. He is now 3 mos. old and very active let me tell ya. Thank you so much FGM I love ya lots.