Home Made Advent Reaf


I finally my label, I'm more >______\u0026lt;
We arrive late February and late March restarts.

I would be at the Fashion Doll Festival, who comes?? And the bonus or penalty, must see, the girls will be presented in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, their fans have claimed, it cost me Disney, he has had to bribe my sister who will deal with it on Saturday.
You are happy?? All
Psychofamily for you XD

Moreover, we will stand with Veraker, I'll bring trinkets to decorate like this and will be sewing Veraker ca.

If anyone knows how much it sells and has the unit or lot?
I want to sell cheaper, lol
What everyone is happy. Also

little survey, what interests you at sewing, Veraker, sets, pieces, what kind of clothes (underwear, night, leggings etc.), style, and so brief your dreams, your desires level BJD , also what size??
is to target for the FDF that you can find your happiness.
If you have any design or pictures, feel free.
I look as you designate some stuff.
Please help us.

And while we're at it, I take that?? I think back
Lost & Fish, my Chibi to serve as a model, a Yo, my Littlefee, After high level, I hesitate, is the Unoss, but is it that cares for, given the weight, and there T______T superb make-up of Zun.
I know too much, in your opinion. Also if

Yen who want stuff from Japan, have we will win in the bag ..

After that we want to see? It could be a rally for the days between BJD and girlfriends??
My sister's license, at worst you can come squatter

XD Anyway, I hate to see you, I miss you too, want to chat, laugh, niarkkkkkkkkkkkk. Demoniac
Laugh of the girl who pete bolt Just thinking.

Do I add another thing, I dunno, lol
I leave you, I thought never get to write here, too busy, too sought, too tired. But I'm
efficient and proud of me ^______^