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crack and I put the latest pictures from the camera to the laptop, otherwise you could always wait saw my super form, lavaire , Olympics.
Injection of death that makes me want to run away as fast'm training every month side effects really very very unpleasant.
If every month I'm in this state for a week, will have to revisit the thing, because it's just painful and disabling.

Anyway, it makes me rotten life, we will say that this week I had the pot because no school until today.
Monday simply to go to the passport of Sumire finished me, yet I have not done anything special. By
cons are fast, it is available Monday * o *
remains more than my re-entry visa to go to Kobe, in addition to shopping, top motivated, too afraid to get there and not have discomfort, especially if I have a daughter with me.
It's been so long since I'm not gone, everything is positive in the same area except immigration but same street, much lower.

Sumire goes to a casting or figurative, lively explanations of rotten manager, February 22, there were also 23 but uh, it breaks in France, XD

I harbored some pictures and I will make 3 between Sinon ca will just be messy. The
photoooooooooooooossssssss enjoy. So long live

recycling, returning from youchien I did the trash, I was attracted by a huge Snoopy but Iris would not, but if the big dolphin.
There were Winnie, but I failed, by cons cool boxes, I was looking for beads, even a mobile gling gling to the balcony too cool because I wanted one and that the is nice, o-pink cat on Saturday I bought the green O-Dog, like that they have the 2.
Happy with my finds, especially since everything is clean and in good condition, I have everything washed, lint directly to the machine. Cheers
Japan, for once their recycling system suits me.
Shuya he recovers mags, good I'm the least because Ca Refin at the garbage, lol

thank you Erika, too creepy, and the girls love me too ^ ^

Big success, ^ ^

Scoubidoo too, I already made 3, lol
Excellent, nostalgia, * o *

special dedication Jana ^ ^ MDR
And because in my package there will also Mrs., ^ ^

Mourru, girls threw themselves on it.

I prefer them to the Oreo, they are very good.

My miniatures and I still command so I crack are so cute, I'm not even sure of the resale to the FDF, yes, I'm not ready to become a woman business.

Those are the rikiki, the kind you can stick a nail, I love it.

UPS mega fast, girls had a surprise when returning from the races Sunday, they seem happy.

Iris cuddles her gift, lol

It is our Christmas present from my grandmother, Shuya has tried the German potatoes, pretty successful, but he had forgotten the butter a little dry.
Everyone loves it and in addition has made the onion soup.

And it's me, bah bartering my tunic for AC, it changes a lot, I was more like a sack of potatoes I am especially glad that it's not just me that thinks, ^ ^

Laying weird to hide the water stains out of nowhere, o____0

That was the
vracounettes, ^ ^

***** *****