Cabinet Before and Afters

I have a pretty small kitchen with limited storage space. Most of the time it doesn't bother me. I get creative with work space and the stove top doubles as counter top. But lately I have noticed a problem with the bottom cabinets. They had gotten a bit out of hand. We only have 4 bottom cabinets and we tend to just stack clean pots and pans, close the door quickly, and hope for the best.
This is the before shot of my bakeware cabinets. After cleaning it out and getting rid of anything I haven't used in the past year or two, here is the after of that same cabinet. Much better!

This is a before picture of my deep cabinet that has been named "Bob". I had to name this cabinet because as Jon would unload the dishwasher, he would hold up a random item not knowing where it belonged. I would try to tell him what cabinet it went under but finally it became easier to give this cabinet a name. So, Bob it was.... and still is. It's a cabinet that quickly becomes a place to stash anything that can't fit anywhere else. Here is Bob with his face lift. I cleaned out the cabinet and filled a large box with all of the things I never use. Bob says he's never felt so good.