Protect A Falling Egg


All technical improvements heaters now tend towards the same goal: to recover the calories, get more complete combustion and cleaner to reduce waste and thus protect environment. The condensing boiler is one of the best responses to dual goal of energy saving and environmental protection.

With the technique of condensation, discharges pollutants participating in the formation of greenhouse gas emissions and acid rain are well 3 times lower than European standards, in respect of the Kyoto agreements *. Moreover, the technique of condensation allows up to 40% energy savings (gas or oil), preserving the planet's resources.

* The Kyoto accords oblige industrialized countries between 2008 and 2012 to reduce by 5% on average compared to 1990, emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Some boilers pollute more than many cars. A boiler legacy (from over 20 years) produces almost as much carbon dioxide than three cars idling.