Heavy Duty Mittens

A few days before we went to Pennsylvania for Christmas, I rushed to knit the kids super warm mittens. I had a skein of "The Purled Llama" Yarn "Toro" Bulky (Super Bulky?) wool yarn. It's thick and fluffy.

I used the Family Mittens pattern and used the small size for Evan and the medium size for Charlotte. I made the cuffs longer so they could be tucked into their coats and avoid the "cold wrist" problem. When I washed them, I added lanolin to the water to help increase their waterproofness.

These mittens were a huge success. The children have played out in the snow for quite a while with these on and their hands are as warm as can be when they come in. The only issue with the wool is that the snow sticks to the mittens. I would take their mittens off of their hands and then have to beat the snow off of the mittens by banging them together.... the mittens, not the children. But as long as the mittens kept their hands warm and dry, snow stuck to them isn't a big deal.