Kenwood Remote Wire What Wire?

Fucking shit site. Weary

fucking Chuis a little nervous, I spent the hours on a web site to order stuff, AC train has already died and 2 when you get a page to pay, you have the right at all, once someone asks you to write your address, something you just made, after the AC port is wrong, he will change after your country, after the payment is not so, o______0
I failed more than once dropped the case and too bad even if it's worth it, greuhhhhhhhh.
Well yes AC was worth the shot because I want all the time on yahoo and AC socket and everything comes from the U.S..
So I went to see a full source and oh balances.
Port AC socket but saw the promo and the price of $, and certainly not available here, gone, hop, you will loose.
is much to Iris for her birthday, and my tastes bad too. Ya
liners nights too but it was not too good balance and can not buy anything either.

Sub-sub Christmas Mom off, she is not ready to have a Yo XD

I show you a little degas, lol

From Tiana, then the big cracking on this set, beautiful, I hesitate to give the big cats, will maybe keep it, ^______^

the most beautiful, I love this body and that it, I had the whole collection of Mattel, I also had all the Ariel and all the Disney outlets in France and even the USA in 90, we collected the Barbie with my mother, so the girls, they they had not the little Indian.
Besides, I think all Disney in France I will EARTHSCIENCESSECTOR for girls, we collect more and Disney, well, is to delight little girls. I had the same
Pocahontas Super size, the 45cm too beautiful, I even 2, I have ^___________^
profits, Ariel and Aladdin were above my bed, I mostly play Ariel, I love the movie, I was still small and I loved the dolls. Ah, Nostalgia.


This comes from the Disney store not far from me, it was found that Sumire, I must say that I'll never find, a bottom shelf, not at all to my height resulted, yessss, she is too cute but the poor, Iris made her a lot, already the wings are broken into 2, must say that sewing this on the scratch it was not the idea of the century and after it resizes the skirt like in the movie, well, she did well, so, if you know it, you can see it, lol

Almost the same
and 2 times less expensive than the Disney store, o______0
Let's hope that better reflect the wings.

Polly Pocket Minnie, the only thing not on sale but cheap anyway and pure, it is too beautiful. I remain Mulan and Rapunzel if they do it.
and that was tonight on yahoo, they are gifts provider Softbank = call with an effigy of macsot Atika (?) Shiba Inu white whereof
^ ^ Except that it is crazy people pulling their goodies
T___T I had a bowl for 2 cups for the price of a puree but the set nabe (casserole / stew), 10,000 yen, o_____0
The cest without me.

aye And then finally I mug one must say that I am more motivated at all to yahoo, so I squinting but I am not for auction, I unlikely to win or to spend my poor little sub like that.
I am happy because many mons expensive than its cost base and especially complete, I was pretty sandals, ^______^

Tomorrow still in school, that T___T
Finally 50mn to watch her daughter do, uh, nothing, and I still have for 2 years with Iris.
I conquered, I'm jelly, will sleep even if I wanted to say other stuff, I forgot, lol
And worse was soon, I sort my photos so many entries to come.