Snow Days

Jon took this picture of Charlotte running around in the backyard when it started to snow Saturday morning. We only got a dusting. That storm missed us by a lot.

The storm coming up from the South on Monday did not miss us. They called off school on Monday in anticipation of the storm. I still worked since they made it a teacher work day. Charlotte was excited to stay home with her daycare buddies.

Tuesday morning we woke up to about an inch of snow and a layer of ice on top. The patio was a skating rink. The snow that had fallen on the slightly warmer patio had melted and refrozen to make the ice even thicker. They closed schools completely for Tuesday.

The birds have been very busy.

There's a waiting line for this feeder. Maybe these are the Three Musketeers of the Gold Finch world.

Here's a video of one of 4 busy feeders in our yard. Jon's playing piano in the background. He didn't know I was taking a video but it worked out well to give the video a soundtrack.

Here's our driveway in front of the cars.

The ice broken on our doormat.

Jon went out mid-day to scrape the cars off and shovel the driveway the best he could.

The road was a skating rink. We saw only a handful of cars brave the road. We haven't seen a snow plow or salt truck.

I got a lot done during our day off yesterday.

I spent an hour organizing my knitting bags, finished projects, and yarn.

I made 9 batches of spaghetti sauce for my brother to bring home with him when he comes for a visit later in the month.

On Monday I made a huge batch of chicken/turkey stock with carcasses of the last few birds we roasted that I had in the freezer. After the stock cooled in the fridge overnight, yesterday I put the stock in containers and froze it.

Last night I used some of the stock to make a big pot of turkey and veggie soup. I made some dinner rolls to go with it.

It was a great way to end a chilly, productive day.

We have off school again today due to icy roads. I'm not sure I feel quite as productive today. I think today's plans include knitting while watching some TV, catching up on some blogging, and maybe baking some cookies.