A Taste Of Spring

This year has been colder the average. We've only hit average temperatures a few times this winter. This past weekend was a real treat. Saturday's high was close to 60* and Sunday's high was 68*! I opened all the windows and we all enjoyed a weekend outside in the sunshine.

Well, Lucky and Oscar decided to sunbathe from inside the house. Is it weird that my cat outweighs my dog by about 3 times?

Yesterday we all ate lunch outside.

Evan took a quick rest with Oscar.
Later that afternoon, I took advantage of the thawed soil by digging the last of our potatoes. I had given up on my garden this year but I wondered if the potatoes were still okay.

Digging up the potato patch had me excited for spring gardening. Jon helped dig after a while.

The kids shouted each time they saw a potato. Do we know how to have fun or what?

We got quite a few potatoes from our neglected row. Most were pretty tiny. I'll have to look up ways to fertilize potatoes this year. Some potatoes were munched on by...whatever lives under my garden beds. There were a few rotten potatoes too. Considering that I abandoned them, I was happy with what we ended up with.
I roasted half last night for dinner. I slightly undercooked them and I had too much oil in the pan so they weren't great. I'm going to try for better results with the other half soon.
Today we're back to a high of 40*. I'm glad for the fresh air and sunshine we enjoyed over the weekend. That might have to hold us for the next couple months.