Silly Putty Is Non-Toxic

Last week Evan went to bed with Silly Putty, unbeknownst to us. In the morning I saw evidence of the silly putty without seeing the majority of it. Evan told me he didn't put it in his mouth but I still did a quick google check to be sure Silly Putty was non-toxic just in case. It is non-toxic luckily. I figured that if he did eat it, it hopefully would pass in the next day or two.

When I was helping Evan to get dressed a little later that morning, he looked down and then I saw it.....

a wad of Silly Putty in his hair. After I laughed, I took a picture. I carefully trimmed it out of his hair with surprisingly little damage to his "stick-uppy" prone hair. I was glad to find it even if it was in his hair. We later found the other half of the silly putty stuck in his blankets but luckily I was able to get it off without much trouble.

So, Evan was right. He didn't put the Silly Putty in his mouth. :)