Harvest time!

We have been busy lately harvesting everything from our garden. We had a killing frost and so the garden is pretty much over. We did keep things alive a little longer by covering with tarps and running the sprinkler during the night. At this time the peppers and sunflowers are still growing but everything else we picked. Mara and I did most of the harvesting. It was so fun having Mara help. She and I both love seeing everything that God makes grow and so was just flitting around the garden making up songs about harvesting and thankfulness.
I have done a little canning this year. Not as much as last year but that is okay. I still have quite a bit of canned goods left over from last year. Tomatoes are some of my favorite things to can as they are so easy! I leave the skins on, quarter them, cold pack them and then water bath them. I find it a lot of fun.
We have eaten a lot of food from our garden this year. This is a picture of a recent stir fry. I was raised eating food like this and I really enjoy it. My husband however doesn't enjoy it so much so I usually serve it for lunch. My kids aren't crazy about stir fry but they are learning to like it.
We picked lots of the green tomatoes in the garden too. They are in boxes under our bed ripening. Hopefully we will have tomatoes to eat for a couple of months yet. Last year my parents using this method had tomatoes until the end of March. Tomatoes like this aren't as good as fresh from the garden but they are pretty good. (About like what you get from the store.)
How is harvesting going at your house?