Rice Hot Packs

Hot Rice Packs are very nice if any part of you is sore, achy or if you are heading to a cold bed. They last indefinitely, store easily and heat up in a minute or two in the microwave. They are also super easy to make! My friend Angie introduced them to me and I am very grateful to her for that.
To make them you need: Fabric (you want something soft, sturdy and has a tight weave, I have used corduroy, velvet and sweatshirt material, my sister used flannel. You could use part of an old but sturdy pair of sweat pants or a good section from an old flannel shirt , though maybe with that it might be good to do some double layering.Make sure the fabric smells nice and clean as when it is heated it accentuates any odor it might have.), Rice (I use white since it is cheaper and I am not eating it, but I am sure brown would work fine too), and thread. You also can add cinnamon or some other dry herb or spice to give a soothing smell if you would like.
You can make your rice bag whatever size you like, I made mine around 10" by 7". Cut your fabric so it is either twice as long or as wide as you want it and then fold it in half (right sides together) and sew it on two sides so that just one side is left open like a bag. Turn it right side out. Put in enough rice so that it is fairly filled but not stuffed, you want it to be able to mold around your body. On the open end flip the raw edges to the inside, pin it shut and sew it closed. On all seams it would be wise to sew them twice to give extra strength. You don't want to end up with rice all over you bed. Now you are all done!
To use just place in the microwave and heat for 1 1/2 to 3 minutes. Heating time will vary with microwaves and how hot you want it. If it is for a child, I would probably only heat it for a minute and 15 seconds.
These are a nice addition to any home and make nice gifts. You can chose a special fabric that the recipient would really like. My sister gave one to each of her children as part of their Christmas gifts one year. I believe they were all out of cute different flannel prints. I have added them to first aid kits that I have made for newly weds or just given them by themselves. It is a very economical, practical and easy to make gift.