A fun trip to the Wisconsin Dells

Last week our family went on a little vacation. We went with my sister Anna and her family to the Wisconsin Dells. We were able to have a place to stay and go to the indoor water parks free courtesy of my brother-in-law's parent's time share. We had a beautiful place to stay and all of it was a very nice blessing.
When traveling to go there we went to the Twin Cities first and had a very fun evening staying with Kent and Christy and their kids. It was a lot of fun to see their newest, Kade Aaron. We also attended church with them and Anna and Travis on Sunday morning. After Church and lunch we headed on to the Dells. When we first arrived we went to the (dry!) play area. It was pretty neat and a lot of fun. Above is Megan in a snake!!
Aaron, resting.
This was a view from a covered walking bridge that we went over to get the water park.

Margaret and Mara in the walkway. (Ready to go swimming.)
Beatrice and Aaron having fun in the kid's play area.

The suite our families stayed in had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining and living area and in the living room was a hide-a-bed where these 3 slept. There was also a laundry area which came in handy.
Here are the silly boys: Harrison and Jonathan.

When we went to the Water park the very first time, before I had even touched the water my nephew Gregory fell and got a deep cut. Off to the emergency room went he and his parents to get stitches. (While Ken and I valiantly tried to keep track of 7 kids!) Poor Gregory was not able to be in water any more that week. One afternoon I watched him, Megan and Beatrice while the rest went to the water. Near our suite was an arcade room. We didn't have any tokens but they thought it would be fun to look around. I had a blast watching Megan and Gregory as it didn't seem like they even knew that we weren't using tokens. They had fun playing on them anyway.

The biggest water ride available was the "Hurricane". It was pretty fun and rather intense but I only rode it twice and then payed for it later with my neck being very stiff and sore. The rest of them that rode didn't seem to notice any ill effects however and they rode it over and over again.
In the above picture Anna and the older girls had just come shooting out of the end.

In the master bathroom in the sweet was a whirl pool and they also provided bubble bath. The girls had a lot of fun with that!
We traveled home on Tuesday on snowy roads and in snowy conditions. It took longer than expected and we were very glad to be home but when we got home found our driveway covered in a foot of snow. Ken was very thankful for our snow blower that night when at 11pm he was able to drive in after only 15 minutes work.
Well that is part of our December. What has been going on for you?