Super Saving Saturday

Last week I had told you of my goal to spend only $100 this month. I am here with an update. :-)

First of all the amount I had left to spend was $30.20. My first shopping trip came to a total of $.56 . It was at Walgreens and I bought 2 boxes of aluminum foil, 2, 3 packs of tape and some salt (I wanted cheap salt to make playdoughwith for Christmas rather than using my sea salt.) I had coupons for the aluminum foil so I earned a penny on each of them. I used my gift card to pay for the tape and will get the same amount back on my card in the form of a rebate.

I did say I was going to count postage in my $100 dollars but I hadn't really thought that through as much as I should have and calculated how much sending Christmas letters out cost. I hadn't really checked how many stamps we had on hand either and it wasn't that many. Anyway, as I was doing the letters I thought maybe I should not send as many out so I could meet my challenge and then I decided that it was more important to keep in touch with friends and family than it was to meet my own self-inflicted challenge. SO.... Today I spent about $25 at the post office and I am not going to count it. (I know I would not be able to make it the rest of the month on $5!

On to the challenges:
  • Veggies. I was getting tired of what we had on hand. We ran out of corn and leaf lettuce. Corn is a favorite in our family and when I make salad I want leaf lettuce with my iceberg. What I did to help with the problem: I made sprouts which we used in sandwiches and cooking (I was going to use them in salad too, but we ended up not eating that.). I worked at using up our tomatoes from our garden that had turned red but weren't looking very wonderful anymore. We also ate applesauce with one supper. We still had broccoli and beans too. I also used more celery (we have the leaf variety growing in a pot in the house, thanks to Mom!) and pumpkin. Over all we were still able to have a good variety even though not always my first choice.
  • A breakfast tea party that is today. I had planned this a while back and am looking forward to it! But still, not going out to go grocery shopping for anything for it made me be a little more creative. I would have if it hadn't been for Eggs from Mom and Dad however.

Well that is where I am on that. I now have $29.64 left for the month.