An easy to make Valance

A friend had given me quite a few yards of really pretty pink silky
material which I have been using in various ways in the girls room for decorating. I knew I wanted to use it to make a valance for their window but I was having trouble coming up with a design that I liked. I wanted something I could put together quickly but that wasn't just a straight ruffle across the top. After some a few problems I finally got it done last night. This is our finished product:
This valance was very simple to make and free for me since I had been given the fabric. Even if I would have gone out and bought fabric it would have been that much as used less than 2 yards. To make the Valance I just sewed together a long strip of fabric that was a little over twice as long as the window and around 18 inches high. I hemmed around all of the edges. Then I put a casing in a little over half of the length at the top leaving space on each end without casing. At that point it was ready to hang up. After hanging it up I tied up the curtain on either side of the window with some ribbon as is pictured below. I also had these cute little embroidered doily things that had come from my Grandma that had the colors I was using in the girls room in them. I thought they would be fun to use in some way so I attached them so that they would hang out where the curtain was gathered up.
At that point I decided that the middle was hanging down farther than I liked (I love windows and don't like to block them) so I gathered it up a little in the middle as well. Making your own curtains really isn't very hard and can certainly save you a lot of money.

Well I was working on window things I finally hung up some butterfly sun catchers that Mara made a while back. We were missing the little suction cup things so I just strung them on some pink ribbon and tied the up at the top.

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Have you made any curtains of valances? Do you have any fun ideas for a valance for a boys room with animals or something like that? The boys are feeling a little left out with all of the decorating and want a piece of the action.