Live Free or Die ~New Hampshire

Two weeks ago we had fun studying about the state of New Hampshire. As with all of the Eastern states that we have studied so far we have never visited there. I will have to say that when reading about this state I actually thought, I wouldn't mind living there. I would be willing to live anywhere that I believed God wanted me to be but there are some states that I am more attracted to than others. I love MN and it takes a lot in my mind to come close to it in attractiveness.

Here are some facts about New Hampshire:
  • The state tree is the White Birch (the same as what I am standing by in the picture. We have them and love them in MN too.)
  • The state insect is the Lady Bug.
  • The state bird is the Purple Finch
  • The state animal is the White tailed deer.
  • The state flower is the purple Lilac.
  • The first primary election in the US is held in New Hampshire. So even though it is a tiny state it is a big deal at that time.
  • It was the 9th state admitted on June 21, 1788
  • It's capital is Concord a fairly small city.
  • The is no income or sales tax in the state.
  • As of 10 years ago they had the lowest percent of people in the US living below the poverty level.
  • Franklin Pierce is the only president to come from New Hampshire.

Here are some of the foods we enjoyed while studying New Hampshire:

  • Pumpkin Pancakes from Carter Notch Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire.
  • Pumpkin Muffins from Sugar Hill Inn in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.
  • Coco-Nut-Chip cookies from the Inn at Ellis River in Jackson, New Hampshire.
  • New Hampshire Easy Apple Cake.
  • We also had Maple Flavored Syrup. I love the real thing but we were out and I am not willing to pay the price to buy it.

We did have a lot of fun learning about this state and looking at the pictures of the gorgeous scenery in our books. We would love to be able to go there and explore some day!

What do you know and like about New Hampshire?