Super Saving Saturday

I had a fun trip to Walgreens this week so I thought I would share. It was a very easy one and I did have to pay money out of pocket as I was out of Register Rewards and gift cards but that is okay.
I had a $5 coupon for the flameless candle, a $1 coupon for the Garnier Skin Renew and a $1 coupon for the Raisin Bran. (All the coupons I printed off the Internet.) After coupons and tax I did pay $15.30. However I will be getting $16.49 back on a Walgreens gift card(the rebate plus 10%). So I will make a little over $1 for that shopping trip.
The candle I don't need but I will put it in my gift box. I like having things like that on hand so if I need a gift quickly it is ready to go. The cereal we will eat and the other stuff should be nice for my face.
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