Cooking over a campfire!

A recent addition to our yard is a little fire pit. It was so easy to make, we simply had to dig a little hole and then we lined the outside with rocks. I have wanted one for a long time and am not sure why I didn't get around to doing it sooner.
Last Saturday evening after making it we celebrated by making our supper over the fire and of course eating it out there too.
We had a simple meal of hotdogs, fresh peaches, pickles and fried potatoes and we finished up with S'mores.
A campfire in the back yard has many perks: The kids love it, Ken and I also enjoyed just sitting around a fire and relaxing, we are clearing up some of the dead wood and branches on our property and it is free, in fact we saved money by not using electricity (or gas) to cook our food.

Mara enjoying a S'more, isn't she pretty!? (even with the mudboots.)

We hope to cook outside quite a bit this summer. Hotdogs isn't a real common meal for us but the campfire doesn't limit us to that either. One night this week I made a stir fry and brown rice out over the fire. There are really lots of options like roasting a duck, baking bread, etc.. Actually I don't think we will roast any ducks but I do remember one time as a child when I had some friends over and we did just that. We are looking forward to getting creative with the cooking outside however. If you have any favorite campfire foods I would love to hear about them!

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