One BIG long post

This past 10 days or so have been pretty busy. There have been so many things that I thought, "oh, I want to blog about that" but as you possibly noticed I actually have been blogging less this week. So in order to share a little about the many fun things in our life I decided to do one big long post. So here goes.

Aren't the girls pretty?!

On the 12th we traveled down to the cities and stayed with my older sister Anna and her family. My parents and sister Keren were also there. We always have fun staying there, the kids have such fun playing with their cousins who are very close in age.

The reason of our trip was two fold. First of all we were heading south to attend the wedding of Bobby (he does go by Bob now but I still think of him as Bobby and he said it is okay for those of us resistant to change to call him that) and Sarah. Ken also had a Republican State Central meeting to attend.

Saturday was busy with picking up flowers from the wholesaler, putting them together (with family helping) and driving down to Rochester with my sister Keren. We had fun then hanging out with friends during pictures and last minute preparations.The Groom and his siblings

Bobby's family have been friends of ours for my whole lifetime and growing up they were a huge part of my life. We loved to go visit each other and go to camp together, you name it. I am still blessed to call them my friends.Dale and Linda (groom's parents)

Another big part of our lives lately has been T-ball and little league. This is the first year for our boys to play. Both they and Ken thought it would be really neat. I wasn't so sure that I was ready for all that baseball involves (basically all the time!) but it is working out and I am looking forward to getting to know the other parents better. I am also trying to get various things done while I watch. The boys are enjoying it quite a bit too so that is neat.

Aaron running home. He was the first runner home in their first game.
Jonathan, ready to bat. (Both boys ended up being #1)

Little Luke and I

Last Wednesday my sister Keren (and the little guy she cares for) and Pei Lin came over for a day. We had fun utilizing Keren's lovely new camera while getting some pictures for my business. I was wanting to get some nice pictures of some rental items I offer. Also I had some decorating ideas I wanted to try out.

We also had fun making a Thai dinner. (Pei Lin was head cook.)

A cute Megan and an outdoor scene we set up

A rustic table setting

Pei Lin hard at work (We really enjoyed the food and used recipes from Here)

Mango with sticky rice was very yummy! (and I didn't think I liked Mango before)

On Friday evenings we have started having casual volleyball games every week. (Hey, if anyone is in the area - we would love to have you join us!) Last week was our first week. It was raining when we first got there at 7, so we played round robin ping-pong for a little bit but soon the sun came out again and we were able to play several games of Volleyball.

Also along church lines Emily and I have been having lots of fun planning a new class series for Wednesday nights in July, August and September. We are calling it God's World Adventure Camp and are planning on teaching the kids so that they can learn more about who God is and the wonderful world He made and notice how God's creation points in so, so many ways to a wonderful designer! I am very excited about it and we are trying to tell lots of people about it.

Megan and Aaron playing in the water

On Father's Day we enjoyed a picnic at the park after church. We were with my parents and local siblings and other "adopted" siblings. It was enjoyable but rather buggy. Not really biting bugs just fish flies everywhere. The kids had fun playing in the water some.

Iris along our garden fence

Gardening has also been helping to keep us busy. There are ups and downs to gardening, I have been feeling a little discouraged over our veggie garden lately -with bad germination, etc. but I have really been enjoying all my perennial flowers. The Iris have been doing especially well this year and that always makes me happy!

How has your month been going?