WFMW~ The "Mom, I'm Bored" addition

Okay I have to let you in on a secret. We don't allow boredom around here. There are to many wonderful things to do and God gave us a wonderful brain to use so there is no need for boredom. We do love to dream of many things to keep us busy though. A lot of time we keep ourselves a little to busy. But we have fun in the planning however.

Last year I came up with a list of 50 things for kids to do for the summer. If you are looking for ideas to keep your kids busy be sure to check it out!
Here are a few more ideas that we are hoping to do this year:
  1. Make a solar oven (out of a box) and learn how to cook in it.
  2. Go on a family overnight biking trip.
  3. Have a 4th of July Kid's parade. (We will be doing this at a reunion that we will be attending but it could also be done in your neighborhood. The kids could be busy for a week getting ready for it!)
  4. Invite over people you know from other countries (If you live in a college/university town, try to find lonely International students) and ask them all about their country. We have some friends that are also teaching us how to cook food from their countries.
  5. Write stories. Let the kids start a blog (with Mara we have elected to keep it private for safety) and encourage them to write on it.There is something very fun about seeing your work published, even just on a blog.
  6. Install a zip line. We are impatiently waiting for that to get in here. We anticipate lots of fun on it!
  7. Go to Bible Camp.
  8. Try out T-ball or little league.
  9. Check out Family Fun for all sorts of games, crafts, activities, food and fun for kids. The kids can have fun looking through it all by themselves and then just prepare yourself for all the things they will want to do!
  10. Buy a live trap and see what you can catch in it (hopefully chipmunks) and then relocate them to some lovely place where they won't eat all your strawberries.
  11. Learn to identify just as many wild things as possible. Learn how to collect and eat wild foods.
  12. Redecorate the kids' rooms with their help.

What is on your agenda for the summer? I would love to hear. For lots more ideas for kids visit We are that family.