Alphabet Adventures

A couple of weeks ago we were having leftovers for lunch and I noticed that we were having chili, cheese and chips, all of them starting with ch. So I decided that we had better have chocolate milk as well and we had some chunks of apple. During the meal we had fun thinking about the "ch" sound and tried to find names for all of us that started with Ch. The boys were Chuck and Charlie but we had a little trouble with we girls because all of the Ch girl names that we could think of made the Sh sound. Anyway we had such fun with our little phonics lesson that I decided we should do all of the letters and so we have decided to have a different letter each day of the month in November. We also are planning on throwing in the letter combinations of Ph, Ch, Sh and Th. (Except for the Th we couldn't think of anything to eat except Thousand Island dressing which only Ken likes and then I remembered that Thanksgiving Day is this month so that is going to be our Th day.) We have planned a supper Menu and often a breakfast menu for each letter and we have also planned colors or types of ways to dress to go with each letter as well as ways to act and special things to do to celebrate each letter. This is a good activity for our family right now as Jonathan is learning to read and Aaron is learning his letters.

I thought I would share our plans with you, so here they are: (I would love to know if anybody else decides to join us in our adventure!)


How to dress: In apricot, azure, amber or aqua colors.

How to act: Adorable and with Agape love

Breakfast: Applesauce

Supper: Au Gratin Potatoes with Ham*, Aylmer Bread*, Apple Juice and Alfalfa sprouts on salad.

What to do: Find things to Admire and Appreciate. (remember to tell God "Thank You!)


How to dress: In black and blue colors. Beautifully!

How to act: Be bright!

Breakfast:Banana Bread*

Supper: Beef Burgers on Buns, Beans, Beverage and Blackberry pie.

What to do: Blow up Balloons.


How to dress: In cream and cobalt blue.In costumes.

How to act: Carefully.

Breakfast: Crepes and cantaloupe.

Supper: Crab casserole , carrot and cabbage salad, cottage cheese, candy

What to do: Clean!!


How to dress: In Dark colors. Wear a dress.

How to act: Daring, delightful.

Breakfast: Doughnuts*

Supper: Dairy drink, doggies in a blanket*, dill pickles.

What to do: Dance!


How to dress: In Eggplant.

How to act: Entertainingly.

Breakfast: Eggs

Supper: Enchiladas*

What to do: Enjoy eating.


How to dress: In fuchsia and floral.

How to act: Forgiving, fun!

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, french toast*.

Supper: Fish fillets, fabulous fruit salad, french fries*.

What to do: Play Frisbee.


How to dress: In green, gray and gold.

How to act: Good.

Breakfast: Grapefruit and granola*.

Supper: Goulash*, garlic bread and green salad.

What to do: Play a game.


How to dress: In hunter green.

How to act: Helpful.

Breakfast: Hash browns*.

Supper: Ham and Hush puppies*.

What to do: Give lots of hugs.


How to dress: In indigo.

How to act: be Inspiring.

Breakfast: ?

Supper: Ice tea, Indian tacos, ice cream.

What to do: Make an Ice sculpture.


How to dress: In jewel tones and wear jewelry.Wear a jumper.

How to act: Joyful!

Breakfast: Jam on bread.

Supper: Juice, Jambalaya, Jello.

What to do: Tell jokes.


How to dress: In Khaki.

How to act: Kindly.

Breakfast: Kalaches*, Kiwi.

Supper: Kentucky fried chicken (okay I'm not sure we will actually buy this, I might make my oven fried chicken* and call it Kentucky fried- or does somebody else have a protein idea for K?), Kohlrabi or Kraut.

What to do: give Kisses.


How to dress: In lavender, lilac and lemon. Wear loose clothing.

How to act:Loving.

Breakfast: Lefse.

Supper: Lemonade, Lasagna, Lettuce salad and Lemon bars*.

What to do: Learn and love!


How to dress: In Maroon. Or wear a mustache!

How to act: Manly and/or meek and merciful.

Breakfast: Mint tea or milk and mush or muffins.

Supper: Milk, meatballs*, Mexican rice and marshmallows.

What to do: Make music.


How to dress: In navy, neon colors.

How to act: Nice.

Breakfast: Nut bread*.

Supper: Nice noodles Alfredo,

What to do: Notice noises.


How to dress: In orange and olive green.

How to act: Organized

Breakfast: Oatmeal, omelet* and orange juice.

Supper: Open faced sandwiches, olives and onion rings*.

What to do: Talk about opposites.


How to dress: In pink, purple, periwinkle and plaid. Wear pants.

How to act: Polite, peaceful and patient.

Breakfast: Puff pancakes* with peaches.

Supper: Punch, pizza* and pumpkin pie*.

What to do: Play by pretending.


How to dress: Wear quilted clothing(if you have any!) and wear your hair in a queue( a single braid down the back.)

How to act: Quick and quiet.

Breakfast: Quick oats

Supper: Quartered Quesidillas

What to do: Ask lots of queries/ questions.


How to dress: In red, raspberry or rust.

How to act: Respectfully.

Breakfast: Rise and shine cookies*.

Supper: Rice-a-roni*.

What to do: Run a race.


How to dress: In salmon, scarlet and stripes. Wear a scarf.

How to act:Silly, serious, sober and self-controlled.

Breakfast: Sausage, scrambled eggs and smoothies.

Supper: Spaghetti and salad.

What to do: Sing!


How to dress: In tan and teal. Wear a tie.

How to act: Be talkative.

Breakfast: Tea

Supper: Tomato juice and tuna turnovers*.

What to do: Take turns tossing a ball.


How to dress: In Umber (a dark dusty or reddish brown). Don't forget your underwear.

How to act: Unaffected and unpretentious.

Breakfast: ?

Supper: Unleavened bread (I am thinking tacos) and upside down cake.

What to do: Try playing the Ukulele.


How to dress: In violet. Or try Victorian clothes.

How to act: Be valiant.

Breakfast: Vitamins

Supper: Vegetarian pizza* and vegetables.

What to do: Try vaulting.


How to dress: In white and warm colors.

How to act: Be warmhearted.

Breakfast: Waffles

Supper: Water, wild rice hot dish*, whole wheat bread, and whipped cream fruit salad*.

What to do: Whisper while taking a walk.


How to dress: Something eXotic.

How to act: Be eXciting.

Breakfast: An eXtremely satisfying one.

Supper: EXcellent Potatoes, eXciting meatloaf and eXotic vegies.

What to do: Play the Xylophone.

(Okay sorry for the horrible cheating here but all I could find to eat was Xantham gum (something that is used as a thickener) and that XX stands for powdered sugar. )


How to dress: In yellow and clothing made from yarn.

How to act: Be yourself.

Breakfast: Yogurt and Yummy oatmeal breakfast bars*.

Supper: Yellow fin tuna patties, yeast bread and yellow corn.

What to do: Yawn, Yodel and use a Yo-yo.


How to dress: In Black and white stripes like a Zebra. In clothes with zippers.

How to act: Be zealous and zany.

Breakfast: Zucchini muffins.

Supper: Zesty ziti pasta* and zwieback.

What to do: Go to the zoo, for real, online or in a book.


How to act: Cheerful

Breakfast: Cheddar cheese and chai tea.

Supper: Chocolate milk, chicken, chapatis and chocolate chip cookies.

What to do: Play a game of chess, checkers or just chase each other.


Breakfast: Philadelphia cream cheese.

Supper: Philly sandwiches


How to dress: Wear shoes and shells necklaces.

How to act: Sheepishly

Supper: Shepherds pie.


How to act: Be thankful!

Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner!

What to do: Give thanks.

There is our plan. Some places I obviously had more trouble coming up with stuff. If you have any ideas to fill those places that are lacking please leave a comment to tell me what I should do.

The recipes with * are ones that I could post if anybody would like.

We are planning on doing this in one month but I also think you could just do one letter a week and have one day where you had meals to do along with it. If anybody else decides to do this I hope you have a lot of fun (and please let me know!). I will try to keep you posted on how it all goes.

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