One way that I have found that you can save money is by bartering. Instead of giving somebody money for something you can give them something you own or make or provide them a service. Accepting bartering can also be good for you because you don't have to pay taxes(I don't think!) on bartering.
Mostly what I have done so far is offer goods or service in exchange for music lessons. For one teacher I sewed rags together for her to weave into rugs. For another teacher I baked, made soup, made her a doll and aprons,etc. It is fun to be able to use something you already have to get something you want.
My dad is good at bartering. He has traded things like Goats and dogs and received things like lawnmowers, guns and more.
I am curious to know what sort of bartering you have done. Please share a comment. I am thinking I would like to try doing this more.