A bear birthday

Today is Aaron's 4th birthday. We have been into theme birthdays lately here so he decided that he wanted a bear birthday. For Birthdays at our house one of the benefits is that you get to chose the meals. For supper he had requested pizza, grapes and a bear cake. I decided it might be fun to make bear pizza's as well, so with Aaron's help we made one for each of us with the size of bears varying in accordance with the size of people. We decided that we would put the toppings just on the tummy and the other body parts we would dip in tomato sauce. We decided to use olives for eyes which made them a little owl like but still you could see that they were bears.
Here is the bear cake, not to fancy but Aaron liked it.
Mara brought out teddy bears ( and dolls) to help decorate.
For drinks I used some old honey bottles (I had bought a bunch last year when they went on an excellent sale.) and we put chocolate milk in them so that they would look like brown bears.
We had a great time at our bear birthday party. I am so convinced that it doesn't take a huge expensive party for a child to have a wonderful birthday!