A skirt from old jeans

Last week I wrote about making a skirt from shirts and mentioned that I had also made another skirt for Mara lately. This one is from old jeans.

My original idea was to have it a little fuller and also all the same color but when going through the old jeans I had I realized that I didn't have enough big pieces for me to do that. So I decided to make a two tone skirt that is fairly straight.
I used four leg pieces of the light denim and two leg pieces of the dark denim. I cut them so they were wider at the bottom than at the top. I sew them all together lengthwise (also inserting a zipper in the back seam.) and then put a few darts in the top so it would fit well around her waist and attached a denim waistband. It was a pretty easy project and I think it looks cute with Mara's new boots that we found on sale.

It is also nice for wearing with sweaters. A nice warm Sunday outfit.
And of course we have to extra benefit of it being free and using up what would otherwise be trash. For more Thrifty Green tips visit Green Baby Guide.