WFMW ~ Reading with kids

What really works for us at our house is reading! There is so much to be learned and so much fun to be had by really getting into a good book. We enjoy non-fiction reading where we are learning something as well fiction.
All of our kids love books (though Mara is are only true bookworm so far as Jonathan hasn't taken off on reading his own books yet.) Some of the things that I think have helped a lot with that are:
  • Almost no TV time for the kids.
  • Examples of us and others around reading.
  • We have read aloud to them a lot (as do their grandparents). I read to them every naptime and Ken reads to them at night and sometimes I will throw in other reading times too.
  • We have a lot of books available and go to the Library regularly.

A set of books we are currently reading through which has been enjoyed very much by all of us (well, I can't say Megan is to into it yet...) is the Biographies of Ralph Moody. Little Britches is the first one and there are a bunch more. It is the true story of his life growing up in Colorado (and beyond) in the early 1900s. He is a great writer and the kids are always begging for more. The books are full of lessons that he learned and written in such an engaging way that it is totally enjoyable. Some of the lessons were:
  • Having the courage to always tell the truth. (Even when you think the penalty might be going to jail or worse.)
  • Fighting is not the right way to solve your problems.
  • Learning to be a man.
  • Always giving your employer a good days work.
  • Thinking things through before acting.
  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Learning how to make do with what you have.

One word of warning! The language in the book is not at all perfect. I have been reading these books aloud and I edit a lot as I go. To keep the record straight, I am VERY picky about language. I do not like any type of swearing including Euphemisms. In the books neither Ralph or his family use bad language and in fact there are some lessons that teach against it but he quotes many of the cowboys and people he was around verbatim so bad language is included. It is my plan to go through all our books with a permanent marker so that I don't even have to see the other.

So if you are looking for some neat historical books for Boys and Girls, try these out. I think you will like them!

"So much better than TV!"

What books have you really enjoyed reading aloud to your kids?

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