Cotton Kids Baju Kurung

Every year we churn out the most beautiful children baju kurungs for our customers who will come from all over Malaysia. And this year is no different . I have selected an interesting array of colors and prints , so everyone should be able to find a baju kurung that will fit your color theme for this year . As always we will have our customary Hari Raya booth on the ground floor of the Curve .

We've been busy sewing and sewing so you can have as much choice as possible . Every print is limited and i adore every single print that we have for this year's collection . Hopefully my customer do too.

Here's a snapshot of some press time we've had on our baju kurung . There's more magazine and newspaper clippings but with 4 kids , i sometimes forget to clip all of em.

2008 Hari Raya promotion ground Floor The Curve featured in Keluarga magazine.

This is my lovely daughter Aisyah Iman gracing the Little Haven Baju Kurung price tags . This is one of my favourite shots , and reminds me of the days when my daughter can model for me and its FREE . Now they're bigger and beautiful in their hijabs , Masya Allah. I should consider designing trendy hijabs for kids pulak kan  . 

Every year we try to sponsor baju kurungs to underprivileged kids, Insya Allah . I think this newspaper clippings is from the 2009 Hari Raya ( cannot remember lah ) .

This is my sewing table . Every Ramadhan its buried under piles and piles of cut unsewn cotton fabrics waiting to be made into yummy baju kurungs . This is one clutter that i love :)

In 2009 we were featured in the Fesyen De Raya TV segment hosted by the lovely Natasya Hudson. oh that smile- she is quite a beauty , and very friendly too .

The TV shoot at Little Haven was followed by a professional runway shoot
at the studio . Aiyoo , forgot to change shoes lah - still had my mocassins on when standing on the runway . Minutes earlier it was chaotic backstage when i had to dress the little kids and picked out the matching
accessories to go with which kids etc etc  But good fun :)

Two of the models in our baju kurungs.

This is our 2010 Hari Raya promotion at the Curve . I LOVE the way they do up the Centercourt
every year . Last year's theme was a traditional village 'pangkin' or porch . Look at that
intricate woodwork on our booth - make our clothes look absolutely
rich and traditional.

Raja Azura was one of the celebrities that came to the 2010 Iftar with the underprivileged
children where Little Haven sponsored baju kurungs , Focus Point sponsored glasses and Chicken Rice shop fed us yummy chicken rice and Sweet Chat desserts for iftar . yumms.

My precious kids . I hope to visit them soon .