A raggedy scarf

I have been working on a rag rug lately using up my old curtains from my living and dining rooms. To make the strips I like to tear them instead of cutting. It is much faster and fun too. Anyway.... while I was tearing them I was looking at the strips and I thought they looked kind of cool....What if I made them into a scarf?

So I took around 5 of the strips and knotted them together on  both ends and "Tada! A scarf! "

I think it is kind of cool looking but it is also very raggedy looking and I am a little uncertain about it. So before I really wear it out in public I want your opinion! Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings by saying it is really weird. I am looking for honest opinions so I won't make a dreadful mistake (sarcasm here) of wearing something totally horrid out in public.
 So what do you think? Is it neat or just weird? Would you wear it?
I am linking this up to Tea Rose Home.