Ol School Kekabu Baby Set

My grandma used to stitch a bedding set for my siblings and I when we were born either by using her foot paddle Singer machine or by hand. I remember her making a bedding set for my youngest brother using yellow and brown gingham . She would then use a pencil to draw diamond lines criss crossing the lightly padded mattress cover (dont think they have fabric pen then ) . And her pillows always comes with matching ruffles which she will carefully make by pulling the bobbin thread to get a nice even gather. On that baby set, we would sleep , cry , eat , laugh and pretty much live our early lives.

When my son was born , she stitched a set made of dark blue gingham and send it to the States (kirim when my mom came to visit) . I assumed her deteriorating eyesight played a big role in the larger spaced diamond quilting :) It was very special because  I knew she made one for each and every one of us and now she is making one for her great grandchild. Now she cant see very well so Adam was the first and last greatgrandkid to enjoy her craft, but i hope to continue the tradition and give my siblings a nursery item each time I become an aunty :) Keeping up with the modern times , I'm using bold print fabrics AND my industrial Juki to get the job done . Also because its fasterlah.

I made some kekabu baby sets for my shop , but since it is very difficult to get 'kekabu' these days I could only make four sets for now. Each set comes with kekabu filled mattress , mattress cover , two kekabu pillows and two kekabu bolsters ( with coordinating cases ) .Kekabu ages well , and if dried under the hot sun and given a good pat and puff all over , it will become the best thing you've ever slept on . I mean your baby . But under supervision of course , because as with any beddings an infant should not be left unattended ( see what years of retail does to you - disclaimers and paranoia is a must to keep legal suits at bay )

Available at the Curve and SACC Mall ( may have different designs in each outlet , I like em to be special )