How to make a Quiet time with God set.

 To those coming over from Giveaway Day at Sew, Mama, Sew!, The giveaway is over HERE. If you would like ideas on how to make the set that I am giving away then stick around at this post.

I recently made this set of stuff to help in your devotions time to give away. Since not everybody will get to win I thought I would share some links to tutorials so that you could make your own if you like.

  • To make the journal I simple covered the front of a regular notebook with fabric and then decorated it. Here is the link to instructions where I actually made a journal and then decorated it similarly to the one above.
  • For the memory verse cards I simply cut out card stock rectangles (you could use index cards) and then using my heart shaped paper punch I cut a bunch of hearts from colored paper or card stock. I then glued them on to look like a flower. In the center of the flower I glued a piece of yellow or green paper that had been punched out with my snowflake punch. (It made a really nice stamen look I thought.)
  • For the bookmark I simply threaded a bunch of beads on some thin wire and formed it in the shape of a flower. Then I attached the ribbon.
  • For the bag I made it following this basic tutorial (but not doing the folded flower pocket). I then made one of these melted fabric flowers and sewed it on the pocket.

The set was very fun and not that hard to make. I hope you enjoy making it too if you give it a try!
The basic tote bag pattern is one I have made over and over again- do you have any favorite patterns that you repeat over and over? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Remember if you want to enter the giveaway for the set picture above to go over HERE.