A time for growing things!

Oh, I am so thankful to God for the seasons! It is so fun to be able to plant in the Spring and then enjoy the growth and harvest all Summer, appreciate the fruits of our labor throughout Fall and Winter as well as enjoying the time of rest. I just love the variety of life that we can enjoy and I am certainly thankful for the season we are in right now.

We are enjoying the planting season right now- here is what we have been doing:

 We had planted strawberries a few years ago. They grew very well and spread like crazy but we have gotten pretty much no crop because the chipmunks have quickly eaten them (before they are ripe) instead. We have tried trapping and scaring (with a plastic owl and ourselves) them but so far it hasn't worked.

  This year we decided to try something new. We decided to put them in a raised bed and then we will put netting over them. The strawberries were getting to crowded and weedy anyway so a change for them is a good thing. I dug up a bunch of plants, trying to choose some of the newest ones. Ken tilled up the ground where they had been and then got boards to make a bed with. I helped him put the frame together and then the kids helped me fill it in with dirt.

Then I planted 50 plants in 4 rows. I also put some in a pot to put on our deck, a few in a flower bed and gave a bunch of plants to my parents. Now I am in the process of mulching all around them. I am really hoping this works as we would truly love to be able to harvest our own strawberries!

 We also started on the process of planting our garden. Each child has their own plot figured out and the boys put sticks all around theirs. We planted cold weather things like carrots, peas, onions, lettuce, spinach and radishes.
Jonathan looking his plot over.

Megan working in her garden.
Aaron and Mara also worked in their gardens but I didn't good very good pictures that day as it was very hot and sunny.

 We are also excited about all the fruit trees/bushes blooming. Above is a few of the blooms that our two cherry trees have on them. Our largest apple tree is starting to bloom too, our strawberries are beginning and our plum (that we just planted this year so we will pluck the little fruit off) bloomed too. We are also loving to see all the wild things like blueberries, juneberries and cherries bloom in our woods. It looks like the bees are being very busy pollinating so I hope we will have bunches of fruit this year!

There are so many exciting things going on!
Today while I was busy with a bridal consultation the boys came in with the news that the bees were swarming. It made me a little nervous but I kind of doubted that they were right and thankfully they weren't. The bees were very active today however. I need to check them again soon and am eager to see how they are doing!
How are things going at your place?
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