Finished shalwar tutorial, and what comes next?

Asalamu alaikum,

I have finally finished the second belt shalwar tutorial! This shalwar has a wider leg and a slightly looser feel, which I personally prefer.

It was pretty easy to get the cutting/sewing and all the pics, the difficult part was the uploading and trying to explain what I'd done! But finally I have finished, and have scheduled the posts for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of the coming week. It was a very pic heavy post so I split it into three parts. Please do excuse my horrible dark pictures, Tariq has just fixed the tube light in my sewing room so I hope in future it will not be so dark. :-)

Also I am considering what to do next, tutorial wise, and I had an interesting idea. I am planning a tutorial of necklines, but I was thinking what if instead of one big tutorial, I broke it up into smaller pieces? It would be similar to my "Friday Feature", every week(or maybe every other week), I could post a different style or design. I think it might be better this way, give me a weekly deadline.

So- comments? questions? suggestions? requests? Let me know what you think, if you have any thing in particular that you would like to see a tutorial on.