Project time Tuesday

 Other than working on doing the hand quilting on our quilt (and arranging flowers) I haven't worked on many inside projects lately. My time has been very much concentrated on gardening and a little beekeeping too. But I hadn't gotten around to writing about some of the things I made for a silent auction in early May so here are some pictures of projects I had fun doing then.

 ~A set of cards.  I had a bunch of fun using my heart and paisley punch and then some various scrap paper (It was all stuff recycled from other things) to make flowers with and I glued them on simple cardstock cards.
 I also made a stationary set with stamps. The box they are in was actually one of my "dumpster diving" finds from one of our trips to the university after school was done for the summer.
 A garden kit. I had been given the peat pots from a gardener friend that didn't care for them. I discovered I didn't like that much either and there were still a couple of unopened packages. I also potted some plants and added some gloves that I bought on sale for 25 cents. I cost me pretty much nothing to put together but raised some money.
My breakfast kits was a big hit at the silent auction. It included: A pancake mix, granola, coffee buns, maple syrup and jam all made by me as well as a little package of coffee.

All of the projects raised money and they were fun for me to make/ put together. It was fun to see that people did really like them and made me think that gifts like that might be appreciated.

Have you been working on any projects lately?