Twirly Knit Skirt

A few months ago, I knit this twirly skirt for Charlotte from a great cotton blend yarn. She loves her skirt and makes sure to twirl often.

The pattern (Twirly Skirt on Ravelry) was written to be knitted flat but I knit it in the round by doubling the stitch count and knitting on circular needles. The yarn (Wildflower D.K. from Plymouth) is 51% cotton and 49% acrylic which makes it cool for summer and very durable and washable. I knit the size 6 in stitch counts but used the size 10 for length since Charlotte's pretty tall and I wanted her to be able to wear it for more then one summer. I finished the bottom by knitting about 10 rows of garter stitch instead of hemming it.

It's a super easy but long knit. It's a lot of rows of stockinette stitch which can be boring for some but I found it very relaxing. It was the perfect mindless, movie-watching knitting.