Alphabet Adventures ~ recap

We really did have a lot of fun with our alphabet adventures last month. The kids are asking when we are going to do it again. I had taken quite a few pictures and then hadn't gotten around to sharing them with you so here they are.
This was, can you guess? "G" day. We had to wear green, gray and gold.
On "J" day we had to tell jokes. Our favorite one of the day was: "What goes "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Plop?" Answer: "Somebody laughing his head off."
This is some Lefse that I made for breakfast on "L" day. Lefse is a big thing here in Northern MN with a lot of people (I believe it is Scandinavian), but I had only made it once with an older friend. This was my first time to make it by myself and with the first one I decided there was a reason that not a lot of people make it but the making got better. They ended up turning out quite yummy!
Here is our pretty and petite Megan dressed in purple and pink for "P" day. We enjoyed having People over to visit for the noon meal that had a lot of "P" dishes. One of our visitors was "Prince" Patrick.
Here is Queea (Mara's doll that she got and named when Jonathan was born -a little before she was 2, and who has been part of the family ever since) dressed as a queen for "Q" day.
We had to read some quotes this day, here is one for you: "Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it's being done to him or by him." Frank A. Clark

Running a race on "R" day.
My sister Martha sent the boys sailor hats just in time for "S" day! (They are also wearing scarlet shirts.)

Here is Mara on "U" day with an upside down cake that she baked herself. She is also wearing an umber shirt.

Well I had better head to bed! Good night!