Great shopping deals!

I had fun shopping today. Not long browsing shopping but fast run and get sale items shopping. That is really more my style of shopping.

This morning I took a large load of recycling to drop off. It is nice not having milk bottles to drop off anymore as we get our milk from the farm and re-use our jars. But we still have lots of paper and cardboard stuff to recycle.

My fist stop was the Bread store. There I found 100% whole wheat bread on sale for 4/ $2.99. I got 12 loaves for under $9. I will freeze all but one loaf to use later. I love it when they have deals like that!

Next I went to Walgreens. I had a free 8x10 photo waiting to be picked up and I also had a $3 register reward coupon that was about to expire. I found holiday tea and toe socks (which I think will be a fun gift) both for 50% off. I also had a $.55 coupon for the tea. I picked up a box of raisins for a dollar. After the $3 coupon I only had to pay $.94. I used my gift card (which I had recieved from rebating) to pay it. No out of pocket expense and I still have money on my gift card!

After a stop at JC Pennys to exchange something I went to Marketplace. They had 5# bags of oranges or grapefruit on sale for $1.98 each! That is a very good deal for fruit in our area. They also should keep quite well if kept in a cool place. I bought 20# of oranges and 5# of grapefruit. I also had a coupon for getting a bag of caeser salad free. That isn't something I usually buy but if it is free then I am happy too. So I payed less than $10 for all that produce!

After that I went to the farm to get milk and got 7 gallons for $2.50 a gallon. We drink a lot of milk and we are also having company this week.

All in all it was a great shopping trip.