Christmas Recital

On Friday evening we had our Christmas recital. It went well and was a lot of fun. I don't have a lot of students right now and one of them was sick but we still had a fun time with music with the group that was there. Every student played at least one solo and then we had several different groups that played. I did some duets and other groups with them as well. At the end I my dad led a few carols while I played the piano and a few of my students played the violin. Afterwards I had snacks to eat. We all had a fun time visiting together.
I had fun decorating with very easy and economical for the recital. I used a lot of vases and put greenery and pine cones in it to set on the tables. I got this idea from my friend Emily.
I put this together for the stage area. You could also do something like this for a centerpiece on your table. This is simple because you simply put a soaked piece of oasis in a bowl with some water and tape it in. Then stick one or more candles in the middle. Fill in all over with fresh greenery. Then you can add flowers (I used some silk ones that I had on hand), pine cones (they could be painted gold or silver) and anything else that you like. I put a little horn in to go along with the music of the night. You could also put in ornaments, tiny wrapped gifts, etc. You can get very creative.
This was my basket that I used to store pine cones in, but I had been using up most of my pine cones in decorating so I stuck some extra greens in it. It ended up looking kind of neat with greens and pine cones and so I made a bow and stuck it on as well and used it for decoration. Very, very simple!
Do you have any very simple decoration ideas for the holiday?