Frugal Gift # 11 ~ Basketball hoop

I thought I would share this not so much because I think you all want a homemade basketball hoop but because I just wanted to share with you the fun we have had with kids making presents for each other.
Jonathan made this for Aaron for his birthday. Aaron loves balls and all sports and this was a perfect fit for him. Jonathan cut out the cardboard (I helped a little with the pattern) and colored it (you can kind of tell that wasn't his favorite part). We took the lid to an ice cream bucket and I cut out the inside and Jonathan attached the old orange bag to it and then we attached it to the cardboard. Jonathan used some of his blue duck tape (one of his birthday presents as he loves tape and crafting.) to put around the edges. We put some Velcro on the back so that it could be hung up on their bunk bed. All in all it was a fun project and Aaron liked it.
I have had so much fun helping the kids make gifts for each other. They love to craft and they love secrets and special times with mom. It is fun to watch them think about what somebody might like and then strive to create it. I try to keep an eye out for gifts that kids can make so that I can help them with ideas. Our kids have always been good siblings (they truly care for each other and are generally very good at sharing) but helping them give each other gifts that they put time into has truly been a blessing. They also enjoy making gifts for Ken and I. It is such a fun surprise to get all these little packages on Christmas morning filled with various little crafts that they put together. I think having them make homemade gifts makes them think about the recipient more than just going out and going shopping for a gift. That is just my opinion, what do you think?