Frugal Gift # 12 ~ Scrapbooked Calendars

Calendars has been a gift that I have made quite a few times for Ken's parents. They live on the West Coast and we don't get the see them real often so they love to have lots of pictures. I simply print out calendar pages on Card stock. I have a program that will do that but I also found printable calendar pages here
I use pictures that I have collected throughout the year. Sometimes I cut them in various shapes (I love using my Creative Memories shape cutters.) I then like to add stamped designs and this year I enjoyed putting verses on every page. You can also let your kids draw pictures or perhaps do it yourself. I am sure there are many ways you could bind it. I like to use clear tape and carefully put each page together, making sure everything lined up straight. The last step is to carefully punch a hole in each page. Make sure it is centered and not to near the edge where it would be easy to tear through.

I recently finished another calendar for Ken's Grandmother and I intended to take pictures of it as well, but I was in a hurry to get it sent off and I forgot all about taking pictures.

This is a great gift for somebody that doesn't really need anything but loves to see pictures of their family.